Brilliant Design in at The Louvre in Paris

September 19, 2012 § Leave a comment


I didn’t think I could love Paris any more than I already do (see me practicing my French smile at a cafe in the Marais), but the new galleries for the Islamic arts at the Louvre just might put me over the edge. The new Galleries, designed by the Italian architect Mario Bellini and the local Frenchman, Rudy Ricciotti, feature a striking contemporary glass pavilion on two levels, covered by an undulating steel roof, reminiscent of a scarf, or perhaps a floating carpet.


The galleries, which appear to float within the Louvre’s neo-Classical courtyard, required ten years of design, development and construction to complete. I’m enamored with the roof, which, at first glance appears light and delicate, but actually weighs 150 tons and has been painstakingly fashioned from almost 9,000 steel tubes that form an interior web, over which are a layers of glass and golden steel.

I love the geometric quality of the roof, so well-suited in both form and function to display some of the most beautiful geometric art humanity has ever produced. See some of my favorite examples below.

I can hardly wait for my next trip to Paris so I can visit the galleries in person.


Philippe Ruault





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